A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How the RISE Conference Became THE Startup Event in Asia on its Inaugural Outing


Photo by Teigi Lee.

I first met Paddy Cosgrave a few months ago at a China Club dinner organised by Anson Bailey at KPMG and little did I know that was going to lead to the biggest startup conference in Asia.

Paddy is a full on legend already having turned a 400-person startup conference into what this year will be the 30,000 person Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland. This is what Dave McClure (also a guest at RISE) looked like on the stage of last year’s Web Summit in Dublin – if you can see him:


As many of you recall, we at StartupsHK put on the very first Startup Saturday conference back in 2010 where we expected 100 but got 500 people to come to Cyberport! So we were on similar trajectories as Paddy but he was going to take it just a little bit further.

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