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Books Value
Eric Ries’s The Lean Startup Book (pre-order) + ebooks  $49
Venture Hacks Bible by Nivi  $19
Hacker Monthly 12 Month Digital Subscription  $29
Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development  $25
Inbound Marketing by Dharmesh Shah (30 Pages)  $20
TechStars: Do More Faster by Brad Feld and David Cohen (3 Chapters)  $20
Running Lean Book (2 Chapters)  $19
Andrew Chen & Sean Ellis ebooks  $40
Applications Value
UserVoice – Customer Support  $267
Chargify – Billing solution  $200
Grasshopper – Custom 1800 #  $50
Scrumpad – Project Management  $108
Sauce Labs – Selenium Cross Browser Testing in the Cloud  $60
TextMarks – SMS Marketing  $147
Ask your Target Market  $30

Hey everyone, this is one of those deals that is pretty hard to pass up. If you would consider getting any of these separately, you might as well go ahead and get all of them now.

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Really, what more do you want. Oh, and it looks like if you retweet this deal from their page, you can get a KISSmetrics Lifetime membership for free. – Startup Lessons Learned – Videos

Startup Lessons Learned’s videos

Customer Development Panel: “But Who Should Actually Get Out of the Building?”

Panelists: * Cindy Alvarez, Product Manager, KISSMetrics * David Binetti, Founder and CEO, Votizen * Brant Cooper, Principal, Market By Numbers * Matt Johnson, Grockit Moderator: Sean Ellis, Founder and Principal, 12in6


Customer Development Case Study: PBworks

David Weekly, Founder and Chairman, PBworks

Click on over to for coverage on all of the Startup Lessons Learned videos from the conference. I’ll be working my way through these, anyone in HK up for a discussion?

SKMurphy » Tips For Geting the Most out of SLLConf (Live or Streaming)

Tips For Geting the Most out of SLLConf (Live or Streaming)

April 22nd, 2010
Sean Murphy

I blogged about the “Startup Lessons Learned Conference on April 23” about three weeks ago and now the  conference is tomorrow (April 23rd) in San Francisco. Whether you are planning to attend in person or at a remote streaming session (more than 60 locations are available see ) I think the best way to take advantage of the conference material would be to read two chapters from Steve Blank’s “Four Steps to the Epiphany” (cheaper at  Chapter 3 on “Customer Discovery” and Chapter 4 on “Customer Validation. Ash Mauyra has also written three blog posts from his entrepreneurial perspective that I have found to be the best description, “from the inside out” of what customer development feels like. I would encourage you to read the following in advance:

Now, write down your current key hypotheses and identify which of these you are going to test in the next two to thirteen weeks. Come up with a rough plan of attack before you come to the conference or watch the video. Here are some key hypotheses you may want to test;

For those who are planning on watching the Startup Lessions Learned conference, this is a good post that gives you some background material to read up on.