Facebook Partners with StartupsHK for FbStart Program in Hong Kong


You saw their booth at RISE and now they are here full time – Facebook’s startup program FbStart is officially in Hong Kong and now we are happy to announce that us along with blueprint, Cyberport and Metta are all partnering with Mark Zuckerberg (or rather the team in charge of FbStart but we’re sure he knows what they are doing) in helping HK teams work with Facebook together to support FbStart members in various ways, such as offering mentorship opportunities, training workshops and networking events.

If you want to access these benefits please reach out to us via our Facebook page and we will see what you’re up to and get you into the program if you fit the criteria.

Read on to learn more:

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MaBelle Announces HKD $500,000 Contest for Facebook Game Developers


If you are a FB game developer, or are at least interested in it, you should come to the meetup tomorrow night at BootHK at 8pm (October 20th).

If you don’t have time, at least check out the details of the contest.

Quick summary:

Develop a Jewelry related game that helps to both build MaBelle’s brand while helping customers to know more about jewelry. There needs to be some element that allows for linking the game to some sort of end sales, perhaps by unlocking custom pieces that are otherwise unavailable for purchase, or by allowing the customer to become a mini-retailer.

The top winning entries will win a part of the total prize money, currently set at HKD $40,000 per 10 runners ups, and HKD $100,000 for the finalist. The finalist will also potentially get a contract for developing the final game as well. 

The end product must have Traditional Chinese available, but developers of any background are welcome to participate.

Since the goal is to have the developer available to work together with MaBelle on the final version, the contest is limited to those that have the ability (and will) to come to meet in HK regularly.