Life’s a Pitch – The Complete Guide to Creating an Effective Executive Summary Pt 1

The Complete Guide to Creating an Effective Executive Summary Pt 1

I am frequently asked by entrepreneurs intending to pitch Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists ‘how important is an Executive Summary’ and ‘how do I create an Executive Summary’.  So in this post and the next one, I am going to cover just about everything you need to know about an Executive Summary. I’ll give detailed guidance on how to create one, including advice on form and content. The Executive Summary approach outlined in this post is one favored by most investors and is the very same one I have used to raise millions of dollars.

The Purpose of an Executive Summary

An Executive Summary is, in many respects, the most important document you will create before embarking on the fund raising journey. Even if you have a great elevator pitch, most investors will ask to see your Executive Summary before meeting you. It is your door opener.

A concise, two page Executive Summary should provide investors with the bare minimum of information they need to understand the nature of the investment opportunity you are presenting them with. It is the first impression an investor will get of you and your business. Get it wrong and it will be the last impression.

This is a good reference to creating a short form business plan. The second part has already been posted:…

Resources for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs: A Top 10 List

Yes, Top 10 lists are clichéd, but I think they’re ubiquitous for a reason.  Ten items is a long enough list to be useful, but more than that causes busy people (or those with short attention spans) to lose interest and move on.

A useful set of resources in funding, advisors, incorporation, and staying lean.

Singapore sees the value of entrepreneurship | Grow VC > Blog

I have spent the last three days in Singapore. They have really hot season at the moment, almost 100 Fahrenheit every day. Someone said that it is hotter than for 100 years. And in Singapore it means hot! But I always like to be in this country; nice people and everything works.

SingaporeSingapore is one focus location for Grow VC, among maybe 6 other places in the world. The reason is that Singapore is an important hub in South East Asia, its government is very pro-business, it is one of the leading finance centers in the world, and it has also a lot of great young entrepreneurs. We, at Grow VC, are very much a global service, but for some practical reasons, it is important to have some hubs.

I met a lot of entrepreneurs, investors, governmental agencies, and other relevant people for startup funding. Governmental organizations, like iDA and Spring, are doing a lot of work to make Singapore attractive to entrepreneurs. They also have connections to other entrepreneurial center (that are also Grow VC focus places) like Silicon Valley and Israel.

I’m trying to see if I can organize a meetup they are in HK. Check out the post and the site for more info. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in meeting up if possible.