Top 5 Things You Get Out of AngelHack; Coming to Hong Kong 21-22 May


As an Ambassador of AngelHack Hong Kong, Harry Ng is often asked why he is organizing it as a volunteer. He was the winner of AngelHack Beijing, and learned a lot from the experience. So he want to bring this experience to people in my home town.

This is what you can get out of AngelHack:

1. Meet the developer community

AngelHack is THE BIGGEST global hackathon series, spanning more than 80 countries and bringing together the best talent in the world!

In each of the hackathons we organised in Hong Kong, more than 180 people joined, and 70% of them are developers. Others include designers and entrepreneurs. I always get asked how hard it is to hire developers? Well this is a great chance to meet the developers in the community.

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Hong Kong’s First Blockchain Hackathon: What to Expect at HackCoin 2015


Hong Kong’s startup scene is still very young and too few computer science graduates decide to build something of their own or join a small young team that truly wants to change the world. However, one amazing thing about Bitcoin is that it is permission-less. Anyone can build applications the way they are used to by downloading the necessary code and running it on their own machine; not by filling out application forms and waiting for approval. While Bitcoin and encryption at large is perceived to be complicated, many frameworks already exist that make developing on top of it easy and safe. We need to create opportunities for young coders to build on top of this technology and show how quickly the applications for the next generation of financial services can be developed.  We need a blockchain 2.0 hackathon.

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AngelHack, the Biggest Hackathon on the Planet, Comes to Hong Kong 19-20 October


In a few short weeks the largest Mobile App Hackathon, ever is coming to Hong Kong: AngelHack Fall 2013.

Over 30 cities and 6,000 developers will join in to build stronger developer ecosystem around the world.

What makes AppHACK the best hackathon series on the planet?

  • Developer bootcamps to teach Android and iOS development.
  • 100’s of developers and designers at the event for you to work with.
  • 50% discount for all developers/designers who solve our riddle below.
  • Incentives throughout the event to encourage teams helping one another.
  • $100’000’s in sponsor prizes.
  • Fun toys and games spread throughout the venue.
  • Great food and lots of it.
  • Coding through the night (with pillows).
  • Top teams entering the HACKcelerator pre-accelerator program.
  • Sponsor awards, breakout sessions, and post-event parties
  • Mandatory Demos. Banning of slide decks. And code reviews to ensure winning teams are within the rules.

Never been to a hackathon? Here’s what you can expect:

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