Hiring for Your Startup: Sue Kim, Co-Founder of Libbler Gives Advice on Hiring a “Minimum Viable Person”


Sue Kim is co-founder LIBBLER, a cloud-based recruitment platform innovating the way employers identify and attract high potential talent with smart matching technology. She has more than 12 years of experience delivering operational strategy and workforce initiatives, and as part of LIBBLER, she actively advises employers on the best way to manage their people strategies. You can follow them on Twitter @LIBBLER.

The business of people for startups

Having the right people in the right positions is a critical success factor for any business. Strategic hiring requires a true understanding of your business, the skills needed at a given time, and the culture you want to create. This is why in a startup, hiring decisions should be fully owned by the founders.

“Hire slow, fire fast” is a well accepted business mantra. It emphasises that you should be discerning about whom you bring to your core team, and also be quick to act when things are not working out. But can startups really afford to hire slow when there’s smaller window for survival? Would it be wise to fire fast when it’s so difficult to hire in the first place?

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