“Hong Kong Business” Picks the 20 Hottest Startups of 2014


Any business magazine picking tech startups in Hong Kong to feature on the cover of their print magazine is OK by us! Hong Kong Business did this list last year and so here are their picks for 2014.

  1. Exicon
  2. Mobexo
  3. Sodacard
  4. Toshi
  5. Snaptee
  6. Cenique
  7. Glam-It!
  8. Spottly
  9. ZaoZao
  10. Life Project
  11. Luxify
  12. BSD Academy
  13. Foodiequest
  14. Dimcook
  15. SurroundApp
  16. Skylab
  17. Eight52
  18. CallTracking
  19. Taxiwise
  20. Shopline

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5 Questions With Jono Lilley and Fiona Atkinson, Co-Founders of Colony88.com


There are many intelligent and potentially huge startups in Hong Kong, but they have been restricted to grow and move up by the lack of funding currently available by angel investors locally.

Two new entrepreneurs from the banking world believe that those strong companies deserve an opportunity to grow, to develop and succeed. Therefore, Colony88 is born by this conviction. We spoke to Jono Lilley and Fiona Atkinson, to learn more from their start-up and how they are helping other startups to raise money here in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong Business Magazine Names the Top 20 Hottest Hong Kong Startups


Hong Kong Business magazine just released their list of the Top 20 Hottest Startups in Hong Kong! 

Congrats to those that made the list – its quite a spectrum in there and a special shout-out to the ones in our community:

  • Aftership.com
  • Enterproid
  • GoIDD
  • refer.me
  • Flipter
  • 8Securities
  • PhoneJoy
  • Talkbox
  • Sponfed

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