NEST Pitch Day Is Happening on 28 September


Good day startups! How’s everything? Just a reminder to the entrepreneurs who are looking to make their mark in Hong Kong and are interested in consumer businesses in the lifestyle space: If you have any amazing idea to pitch, go to our local hands-on investment incubator NEST. You might have noticed the good news if you stay tuned with us – NEST’s social photo app FoodieQuest recently is getting the spotlight worldwide.

NEST’s pitch day is happening every week at its Incubation Lab in Shueng Wan – by the way the next pitch day is on Saturday 28 September[Read more…]

Meet Kitchen Sync, A Culinary Incubator For Food Startups


If you’re new to the food business in Hong Kong, you probably find the sky-high costs of setting up a commercially licensed kitchen daunting to say the least. If you’re a small food entrepreneur, shelling out HK$1million for a food factory license is a less than ideal roadblock. So what’s a young upstart looking to make their mark in Hong Kong’s food scene to do?
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AwesomeShip Wins Startup Weekend Hong Kong | TechNode

After running a couple of weekend startup incubators under the BootUP! name, we hooked up with the global Startup Weekend organization to do another event. The first two being held in BootHK limited the available size to around 20, but we were able to score a great venue at the M-Lab facilities in Kowloon Tong, giving us room for 50 partcipants. This also helped with reaching into the local college community, since it is a part of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University school of design.

Startup Weekend HK Crowd

SWHK F2011 Participants, Judges, and Fans

Seven teams built startups from Friday night until Sunday evening. The ideas ranged from helping consumers manage loyalty cards to preparing your digital assets for when you die. Similarly, participants varied in their backgrounds and gave a good mix of business, development, and design experts to put together some great prototypes.

The quality of the event and participants was awesome. We has so much help from mentors, judges, and PolyU and it made it a great event that shows really what we can do here in HK.