Congrats to Hong Kong Hardware Startup EzeeCube; Now Fully Crowdfunded on Indiegogo


EzeeCube, a stackable media hub that syncs, stores and manages your content, has been fully funded on Indiegogo!

31 days into their campaign, EzeeCube reached their goal of US$75,000 after having their project covered by Engadget.

Now, our homegrown hardware startup is plunging ahead for their next objective: raise up to $125,000 – $150,000 by campaign’s end. Click here to back EzeeCube now! Having already raised over $110,000 – the EzeeCube team plans on incorporating new perks such as the ‘Retro Player’ which is a stackable element compatible with Sega Genesis and Nintendo SNES cartridge games (if $125,000 is raised) and Chromecast support (if $150,000 is raised).

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Hong Kong Hardware Startup Launches Indiegogo Campaign for EzeeCube; an Auto-Syncing Media Hub

Back in January, we played host to a sold out Startup Saturday where many startups took notes on how to become a crowdfunding success story.

Ashok Jaiswal was one founder in attendance who wanted to learn the tricks of the trade for his hardware invention EzeeCube. After another half year of development (which has been 1.5 years in total), Ashok has just launched an Indiegogo campaign on Friday which has already raised over US $9,500 of its $75,000 goal in just three days.

Having also just closed a round of funding with James Giancotti of Bigcolors and Kyle Lam of Big Bloom (who has also invested in Snaptee), we had a chat with Ashok to learn more about his novel hardware product.

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Hong Kong-Based Wearable Tech Startup Digi-Care Building A Lightweight Healthcare Wristband With Long Battery Life


Healthcare tech has been getting a facelift as the wearables space teems with competition. Seasoned players and startup companies alike are all tinkering away in their shops to reiterate what’s already on the market, or have been innovating to bring something new to the table.

The latest to hit the scene via Indiegogo is ERI: a new lightweight fitness tracker with an unnaturally long battery life – you only need to charge it twice a month. We met up with Jimmy Liao, co-founder and CEO of Digi-Care, the Hong Kong-based company behind ERI, and he told StartupsHK about his passion for consumer products.

“I studied High Polymer Materials and Engineering at the Harbin University of Science and Technology,” said Jimmy. “The school was working in cooperation with the military so all of my classmates either went on to do research for the army or work for the government.” Despite the conventional path of all of his classmates, Jimmy said that he’s always known he’s wanted to use technology to improve the lives of people, and was the only one in his class to go rogue and work on consumer products.

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