Report: Hong Kong is 5th Fastest Growing Startup Ecosystem; Ranks 25th in the World


“Hong Kong is fully capable of successfully developing a strong startup ecosystem. Its number one priority is to help its entrepreneurs catch up to global knowhow.”

To close out last week’s StartMeUp Festival, Compass held an event to summarise their Global Startup Ecosystem report and specifically to share the insight they found out about Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is the 5th fastest growing startup ecosystem and ranks the 25th in the world, according to the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015 study released by the San Francisco based research firm Compass.

We’ve reprinted the summary below and you can download the final perspective as well.

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Hong Kong Tech and Innovation Leaders Share Practical and Disruptive Ideas at InnoFoco’s ‘Innovation in Action Forum’


On Wednesday, we attended InnoFoco’s ‘Innovation in Action Forum,’ a get together for corporate and startup leaders to talk action plans for Hong Kong’s future.

Featuring dynamic keynotes, panels and afternoon workshops, the one-day conference at the University of Hong Kong also featured a neat tech element called ‘Wisdom From the Crowd.’ The audience were polled through their mobile phones on questions such as “what are the barriers to innovation in Hong Kong?” where attendees ranked “trader mentality” as the biggest hurdle.

InnoFoco’s founder Rachel Chan stepped up to moderate a panel of successful execs who shared how they keep their large companies innovative. “When people think about innovation, they always think of it as a ‘Eureka moment,’” she said. “But innovation is something that needs to be nurtured vigorously.”

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‘Innovation in Action Forum’ on May 7th Will Facilitate Mutual Learning and Collaboration Between the Corporate and Startup World

You’ve heard it time and time again. Hong Kong needs to step up its innovation game. Ecosystem leaders are unanimous when it comes to the importance of creating a culture that’s conducive to innovation – but besides all the talk, where is the action?

In the upcoming InnoFoco-organised ‘Innovation in Action Forum’ on May 7th, the conference plans on getting proactive on this front. Besides educating leaders from corporate and startup worlds on the barriers that Hong Kong faces on its journey to an innovative future, the one-day conference will also propose practical solutions through panel discussions and interactive workshops.
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