New Social App Worthy Wants To Change The Way You Make Friends Online By Games


Guess who’s featured in US App Store Life Style section main banner#1 as well as the main banners on App Store Home Page in other 13 countries! It’s Worthy, a newly launched social app developed by our local startup InnoPage. A huge congratulations to them!

In case you didn’t visit App Store this week – Worthy is a social app that gamify the way people make friends. It allows users to set up 3 questions and answers that represent who you are, and if someone wants to add you as a friend, s/he will has to pick the correct answers for your questions.

If they get the answers wrong, the contact will disappear from the pool, unless s/he sets new questions. Thus you can only be approached or get to know those who share the same values or interests with you, in other words, friend those who are worthy of you.

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