Learn To Navigate the Venture Landscape in Asia at the Hong Kong Venture Capital Forum on 13 June


Want to learn how to navigate the venture landscape in Asia?

The Hong Kong Venture Capital & Private Equity Association will be holding its first ever forum on June 13th to teach you how.

Veteran speakers include Tytus Michalski of Fresco Capital Advisors, Simon Squibb of Nest Ideas, Melissa Guzy of Arbor Ventures and Charles Ng of InvestHK.

Exploring topics on mobile internet, the local ecosystem and the future of venture capital for Hong Kong startups, these investment gurus will provide a blueprint on the past and present of the VC industry. See the full speaker list here.

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Startup Commune: Hong Kong Startups Need A Down-To-Earth Co-Working Space


We’ve been visiting several collaborative workplaces in Hong Kong recently, and are really excited to see that more people are joining to serve the startups and help develop this community. We had 1,000 square feet of co-workspace in January 2012, and look at us now with almost 20 spaces all over the city –  and we will have 150,000 square feet by the end of this year. The community is growing and we need more offices and venues to get things done. Today we stopped by another one locating at Fo Tan industrial area Startup Commune, which according to its founder offers the Lowest workplace rent in Hong Kong.

First built up in 2011 by the founder of Lakoo Games, this place has always kept a low profile, which is maybe the reason why most people have never heard of it before. (Don’t worry – with us you won’t miss anything like this) Startup Commune currently has 18 tables in 1200 square feet and offers a HK$980(negotiable) monthly rent to the startups and entrepreneurs. Yes, you read this right. This is definitely the lowest rent for workplaces in Hong Kong as far as we know. [Read more…]

5 Questions With Jono Lilley and Fiona Atkinson, Co-Founders of Colony88.com


There are many intelligent and potentially huge startups in Hong Kong, but they have been restricted to grow and move up by the lack of funding currently available by angel investors locally.

Two new entrepreneurs from the banking world believe that those strong companies deserve an opportunity to grow, to develop and succeed. Therefore, Colony88 is born by this conviction. We spoke to Jono Lilley and Fiona Atkinson, to learn more from their start-up and how they are helping other startups to raise money here in Hong Kong.

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