FAIL FAST, SUCCEED FASTER – Lean Startup Machine in Hong Kong


Lean Startup Machine is a 3-day intensive workshop that teaches entrepreneurs and innovators how to build products customers ACTUALLY want. It is NOT a hackathon.

“Unlike at most startup bootcamps, we’d spent almost no time over the weekend on design, code, or technology. Instead we’d learned a process much more critical for new business ideas.” Karan Gill, LSM alumnus

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Startups Unplugged Lean Startup Bootcamp 3.0 Starting Soon


Working on a startup or have an idea you want to explore?

Unplugged is a three-month lean startup program that includes workshops, mentorship, workspace and resources needed for you to achieve a year or more worth of progress. We understand what you’re going through because we’ve done it ourselves.

A typical week includes individual meetings with founder Paul Orlando to dive into your startup’s issues, group workshops, mentor visits, and going into the field with Paul or another mentor to do customer interviews. By doing all of this, you will learn from your potential customers faster, figure out what they should be building, refine your business model and be able to present yourself really well on demo day.

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3 Points of Advice for Every Entrepreneur

#1. Surround Yourself With Interesting People
Without this step, I wouldn’t even be here.

O’Reilly taught me that if I didn’t like the projects that other people were giving me I could go out and create my own projects. I’ve always been ambitious, but until I really ran headfirst into inventors I thought ambition was about working hard and getting promotions.

The second thing interesting people do is turn turds into gold. That’s certainly what happened at Odeo. We had no traction in podcasting but one person on the team did have the golden idea for Twitter. That person, Jack Dorsey, paired with two more people was able to put together a compelling prototype in two weeks.

The third reason, is that even if your company fails completely, the interesting people you worked with will disperse to other interesting places and invite you along.

I think this holds true for anyone starting their own business, certainly for myself. The full article has interesting anecdotes included.