Hong Kong-Based Recruit.Net Launches a New Job Search Tool With Deep Social Integration

As Google and Ipsos Media CT revealed in a joint study in August, Hong Kong tops the APAC charts in smartphone internet usage and we discovered that a whopping 90% of Hong Kongers use the mobile web every single day. But what are all those eyeballs focusing on?

Besides messaging, gaming and online shopping, some smartphone users in Asia are actually using their devices to go on the job hunt. According to web analytics data scooped up by Recruit.net, a Hong Kong-based job site, one out of three job seekers in Asia (Singapore is in first, and Hong Kong and Japan are close behind) now uses their mobile devices to search for employment opportunities.
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Hong Kong Startup ‘Recruit.net’ Aggregates Job Boards Into One Unified Site, Featured on Techcrunch


Great news for Hong Kong-based startup Recruit.net who just launched a new site and got some great coverage over on TechCrunch.com. Founder Maneck Mohan (ex-Morgan Stanley) set up the job board in 2006 and has just unveiled a new version of it today:

Recruit.net’s Hong Kong-based founder, Maneck Mohan, said the revamp was done in order to make the backend search quicker, and so that the site can keep users coming to it. He said Recruit.net attracts about 500 new sign-ups and spits out results for about a million job searches done per day. It has a database of a million registered users right now.

With the revamp, the site is also launching a feature called Social Connections, which allows users to “discreetly” find contacts and friends of friends, up to second-degree connections, that work at specific companies. With the feature enabled, job searches will show relevant social connections underneath job ads, and you can message contacts about those jobs in order to find out more.

It doesn’t compete with social networks like LinkedIn (which also relies on recruitment as a revenue pillar). Recruit.net uses both LinkedIn and Facebook APIs to “supplement” its social layer, and any contact with users found is done on their sites, said Mohan.

The site relies on sponsored listings for revenue, with pay-per-clicks at US$0.40 (S$0.50), and partner sites paying US$0.81 (S$1) for people to register and submit resumes to them.

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