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A very inclusive list of do’s and don’ts for online price lists.

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Customer Development Interviews How-to: Finding People

“OK,” you say, “I’m convinced – I need to talk with potential customers to make sure my startup/product/service idea has potential.  But how do I find those people?”

Finding People

AdWords / Facebook Ads / Tweets.

Summarize your idea, invest some money in getting it in front of people who have expressed intent by searching for that term, clicking your ad, clicking a link.  (Read the original SEM on $5/day post for details.)

I haven’t used Twitter for this much yet, but my theory is that it may be a more effective way of reaching people (I am much more likely to click on links that appear in my hashtag saved searches than I am to click on an AdWords or Facebook ad.)

For those people that need to find customers (who doesn’t), here is a post from Cindy Alvarez that helps to outline some options and even gives you starting formats for forms and emails.

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Unless you have already read Influence, go and read this now. It takes 10 minutes and it will help you understand several basic strategies that will help your marketing and sales.