Hong Kong Startup Vet Michael Michelini Announces SocialAgent.me Acquisition


Social Agent, a SaaS lead generation platform, has been sold to software development startup Unchained Apps. As the web-based connector of businesses and freelance sales agents, Social Agent helps global SMEs tap into foreign markets by connecting them with local sales and marketing professionals.

According to Social Agent’s CEO and co-founder Michael Michelini, the merger is “a true synergy” and customers can look forward to an improved mobile platform as the Unchained Apps development team is brought on board.

The deal, which has been in works since April, benefits both Hong Kong/Shenzhen-based startups as both bring complementary expertise to the table. “Unchained Apps is heavy on product development, but lacking in marketing and Social Agent is on the other side of that – so the teams make a nice match,” he said. “For the Social Agent product, it has evolved from a web app to a mobile app. Most of our team is web developers and has always been weak on mobile app development, so immediately we will see improvements in the mobile app functionality and features.”

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Startup Roundtable of IBM’s Cloud Event 2014: What Are The Pros and Cons of Starting a Company in Hong Kong?

We’ve spoken to investors and veteran entrepreneurs alike and advice for first-time founders is unanimous: when building your business, you need to think globally. Thanks to innovations such as the internet, social networking and the Cloud – it has never been easier to grow and stay connected with your customers and collaborators.

On Monday’s IBM Cloud Event 2014, leaders within the investment, hardware, gaming, web, mobile, social and co-work space community came together in a Roundtable discussion on the pros and cons of Hong Kong’s ecosystem. In an exciting nexus point for major startup scene players, the Roundtable was an opportunity for key IBM/SoftLayer execs to understand how they can help Hong Kong’s ecosystem.
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9 Founders Share their Favorite Moments of 2013 and What They Look Forward to in the Year of the Horse


As we enter the Year of the Horse, we hope you’ve been keeping busy being your creative, motivated and brilliant selves and are getting a head start on those New Year’s resolutions.

We’ve had quite the year here at StartupsHK, having launched our directory Startbase.HK, and we’re looking forward to sharing more inspiring, in depth and relevant news and stories from within our startup community.

To start the Lunar New Year off, we had a chat with some founders to reflect on the past year. The Year of the Snake seemed to be quite the pivotal year for most, whether in personal or startup life, and they wanted to share some of their favorite moments in 2013, and as a bonus: what they’re most looking forward to in the Year of the Horse.

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