Hong Kong Needs More Mentors: Mentor Networking Event at Retro Spot On 19 Nov


What is your definition of a MENTOR?

Did you find your mentor or are you still looking for him/her? Almost every successful founder has one or more influential mentors that backed them up behind the scenes through the years.

Some entrepreneurs may even turn into mentors themselves in the future for new generation startups. A mentor means more than just a consultant or a coach for business but a good friend and helpful hand that keeps you accompany in your entrepreneur life.  With more and more startups and entrepreneurs making new changes here, Hong Kong needs more mentors!

Having a mentor in your journey of starting up a  business is essential- sometimes to get connected with them brings you the golden chance that you could never imagined. You can not do it alone in the startup world. Mentors can assist you in many ways, like raising capital, advices on hiring or firing, giving you ideas to help you move on and most importantly to grow your network.

But how do people find mentors, especially for those that are out of your network? If cold-call, email blast or Linkedin luck sound too lame for you- Here’s a mentor networking event for you which connects you the entrepreneurs and the mentors.

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Find Your New Startup Co-Founder at StartupsHK’s New “H3” Networking Event; Sponsored by SuperSonic Ads


We’ve been promising you this event for a while and now with SuperSonic Ads, WYND, SoftLayer and General Assembly joining forces, we can now assemble as powerful as the Earth’s mightiest heroes!

People in Hong Kong have been demanding this event, so we are bringing you the very first one on 12 November at Wynd Co-Workspace in Central!

Introducing: our new monthly H3 event – where we invite all hackers, hustlers and hipsters together to meet up and try to form new startups! We have great prizes as incentives to have attendees form new startups at this event!

Every successful startup needs to have 3 key people in it to launch:

  • Hacker: developer
  • Hipster: designer
  • Hustler: product person

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3 Points of Advice for Every Entrepreneur

#1. Surround Yourself With Interesting People
Without this step, I wouldn’t even be here.

O’Reilly taught me that if I didn’t like the projects that other people were giving me I could go out and create my own projects. I’ve always been ambitious, but until I really ran headfirst into inventors I thought ambition was about working hard and getting promotions.

The second thing interesting people do is turn turds into gold. That’s certainly what happened at Odeo. We had no traction in podcasting but one person on the team did have the golden idea for Twitter. That person, Jack Dorsey, paired with two more people was able to put together a compelling prototype in two weeks.

The third reason, is that even if your company fails completely, the interesting people you worked with will disperse to other interesting places and invite you along.

I think this holds true for anyone starting their own business, certainly for myself. The full article has interesting anecdotes included.