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A very inclusive list of do’s and don’ts for online price lists.

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Long Tail iTunes Book Apps Are More Expensive

by Ben Lorica | @dliman
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In an earlier post, I examined the average price of the Top 100 PAID apps and noted that the relationship between price and popularity was somewhat dependent on the category. But in the Book category, I concluded that the Top 10 PAID apps were on average cheaper than those ranked 91-100. But what if we examine all Book apps, will the long tail apps be pricier?

The animated graphic below traces the evolution of prices in the iTunes Book category. In Q3-2009 the Book category exceeded 10,000 PAID apps, and since then long tail Book apps have (on average) tended to be much more expensive than their more popular counterparts.

If you are in the app market, and particular content apps, you might be interested in this analysis done by O’Reilly.

Should You Charge For Your Minimum Viable Product?


Ash Maurya is the Founder of WiredReach, which is behind the bootstrapped startup Cloudfire. This post originally appeared on Venture Hacks; it is republished here with permission.

What you charge for your product is simultaneously one of the most complicated and most important things to get right. Not only does your pricing model keep you in business, it also signals your branding and positioning. And it%u2019s harder to iterate on pricing than other elements of your business. Once you set a price, coming down is usually easier than going up.

Should I charge for my MVP?

Most people choose to defer the %u201Cpricing question%u201D because they don%u2019t think they (or the product) are ready. Something I hear a lot is that a minimum viable product is by definition (embarrassingly) minimal. How can you possibly charge for it?

A minimal product is not synonymous with a half-baked or buggy product. If you%u2019ve followed a customer development process, your MVP should address the top 3 problems customers have identified as important and it should do it well. You can ensure that by dedicating 80% of your efforts to improving existing features versus cranking out new ones.

Some good insights into pricing structure and how this one SaaS evolved their pricing. If you haven’t run into Ash Maurya before, I would recommend reading more of his posts.