Reviewing the Blueprint: Lessons Learned Running a B2B Accelerator in Hong Kong


We’ve been following Swire Properties’ Blueprint B2B accelerator in Quarry Bay ever since it opened and so we asked Michelle Buultjens, Brand Strategy & Communications for blueprint – what lessons the team has learned over the past 365 days and this is what she told us:

“B2B” is perhaps not the sexiest buzzword, but it has recently attracted a lot of positive attention. With a significant increase in funding for B2B startups year-on-year, selling to businesses during a time of investment downrounds may just be where the future of startups lead.

In early 2015, blueprint began as a vehicle for corporate inovation and has burgeoned to become a thriving ecosystem of tech and B2B startups. One year on, we look back at lessons learned and how our startups have grown:

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Blueprint Launches Second Cohort with 10 New Startups in Hong Kong


We don’t normally publish press releases but since everyone is super busy getting ready for RISE next week and this is news we wanted to get out – we decided to publish this as is:

Blueprint announced the names of the new tech startups selected to join its popular accelerator programme backed by Swire Properties. The ten successful startups and their business-to-business (B2B) solutions span a variety of industries including retail,education, fin-tech and commercial property. They will enjoy six months of free workspace, mentorship support, connections t capital and market testing opportunities to elevate their business. blueprint’s approach remains unique in that it does not request equity in return for its assistance, setting it apart from other incubator programmes in the market.

Blueprint are pleased to congratulate:

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Swire Properties’ Blueprint Accelerator and Co-Workspace Shows the World Hong Kong is Serious About Startups


Of all 35+ spaces that have opened since the original BootHK and The Hive (who we still hold as the gold standard that showed everyone how co-workspace is done here in Hong Kong) nothing has made us more excited about the possibilities of doing a startup in Hong Kong than Blueprint in TaiKoo Place, Quarry Bay.

Brought to life by Swire Properties and designed by PDM International mixes Swire’s deep footprint in Hong Kong (which also makes up a lot of the furniture found within culled from its many businesses like seats from airplanes and vintage Coca-Cola machines) with a well thought out workable and creative space puts many of the “property plays” that have been popping up around the city to shame. So from now on lets not focus on the amount of spaces we have in Hong Kong and focus on the ones that add value to the community.

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