Startup Saturday Video Recap: ‘Wake Up With Dave McClure,’ With 500 Startups’ Alum 9GAG and Shopline

2015 is off to a speedy start as we featured Dave McClure, founding partner of 500 Startups, at our very first Startup Saturday of the year. The last time McClure was in town was back in May 2013, so we were glad to have him back. If you missed the event and are more visually inclined, we’ve got you covered with a full video.

After Dave’s candid talk on startup ecosystems from around the world (where he said Beijing was second to Silicon Valley in terms of global tech hubs), we also heard from his Beijing-based colleague Rui Ma who gave a talk on the Chinese startup system. Although data from her presentation was only a few months old, Ma said some of the figures were already outdated because of how quickly China’s startup scene has evolved.

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Startup Saturday Overview: Featuring Dave McClure, Rui Ma of 500 Startups and Hong Kong Alum 9GAG and Shopline

We kicked off the first event of 2015 with Dave McClure and Rui Ma of 500 Startups, and the accelerator’s Hong Kong alumni: Ray Chan of 9GAG, Fiona Lau and Tony Wong of Shopline. If you missed the event, here’s an overview.

McClure covered some ground in his talk – besides giving a snapshot of how 500 has been doing, he also shared his view on startup scenes around the world, accelerator programs, crowdfunding, growth hacking, 2015 tech trends and tips on pitching to investors.

McClure believes that the most competitive startup market outside Silicon Valley is Beijing. He sees talent and innovation in China and he thinks Beijing has a robust startup ecosystem, but worries about startup valuations in the short term. His view on the China startup scene, “long term: bullish, short term: cautious.”

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9GAG’s Ray Chan Updates Us on What Hong Kong’s Most Famous Startup Has Been Up To

Photo of Ray Chan

In the last two months, we’ve been seeing a lot of Ray Chan of 9GAG. Not only was he a keynote at PingWest’s one-day conference at CoCoon a couple weeks ago, but he was also a speaker at the just past Echelon 2014 in Singapore.

As arguably one of Hong Kong’s biggest startup success stories, what has 9GAG been working on? We had a chat with Ray to find out.

After a reminiscing on past projects such as their photo sharing app, karaoke venture and StartupQuote, which helped them land a spot in 500Startups in the first place, Ray said that the 9GAG team is now working on new verticals for the site, such as the newly added ‘World Cup’ section. Ray stressed that any changes to the popular content-sharing platform, including, isn’t a product of Internet trends – but are based on data gleaned from user activity.

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