Learn How to Startup for Less than the Cost of an iPhone 5s at Retro Spot on 22 January


Here’s a message for newly joined entrepreneurs in this city: “You can startup for less than the cost of an iPhone 5s!” Yes, this is true and you will get to learn more exciting messages like this in the future.

For a brand new year, co-working space Retro Spot presents a mini series of WHY / WHAT / HOW of STARTUPS for new entrepreneurs. Apart from that, you will be hearing new interpretation of why Hong Kong is an excellent place to start up a company and what’s the best way to do it.

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Hong Kong Needs More Mentors: Mentor Networking Event at Retro Spot On 19 Nov


What is your definition of a MENTOR?

Did you find your mentor or are you still looking for him/her? Almost every successful founder has one or more influential mentors that backed them up behind the scenes through the years.

Some entrepreneurs may even turn into mentors themselves in the future for new generation startups. A mentor means more than just a consultant or a coach for business but a good friend and helpful hand that keeps you accompany in your entrepreneur life.  With more and more startups and entrepreneurs making new changes here, Hong Kong needs more mentors!

Having a mentor in your journey of starting up a  business is essential- sometimes to get connected with them brings you the golden chance that you could never imagined. You can not do it alone in the startup world. Mentors can assist you in many ways, like raising capital, advices on hiring or firing, giving you ideas to help you move on and most importantly to grow your network.

But how do people find mentors, especially for those that are out of your network? If cold-call, email blast or Linkedin luck sound too lame for you- Here’s a mentor networking event for you which connects you the entrepreneurs and the mentors.

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Final Call: Take Part In Hong Kong’s First Social Innovation Camp on 25-27 October


Good things never come easy. We know you have been waiting for a while for the very first social innovation camp in Hong Kong. Now techies or designers with good hearts: it’s finally here on 25-27 October at Retro Spot! Let’s have a countdown together and see you this weekend.

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