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Unless you have already read Influence, go and read this now. It takes 10 minutes and it will help you understand several basic strategies that will help your marketing and sales.

Perfection By Subtraction – The Minimum Feature Set « Steve Blank


Another excellent post on understanding the role of a minimum viable product in the life cycle of a startup.

Sales for Startups (Building the Machine | For Entrepreneurs)

The sequence of steps

Building the machine involves the following steps:

  1. Identify your buyers
  2. Diagram their buying processes
  3. Add to this diagram the steps you will take to address their buying process
  4. Diagram the Actions you will take to move prospects through the process
  5. Examine the linkages between Actions to make sure the next steps are obvious
  6. Define the qualification criteria
  7. Examine the customer motivations for each Action
  8. Define the organizational resources responsible for each step
  9. Define the technology/software that you will use to automate the process

Wow, just, wow. This is one of those resources that makes you really appreciate how much free (as in beer) information there is out there. Includes a number of flow charts about how to approach the sales efforts in detail.