Silicon Valley Where Dreams Are Made Of, (There’s Nothing You Can’t Do) When You’re Listening to Dave McClure


Most of you reading this probably know Dave McClure in Silicon Valley — the main (mad)man behind 500 Startups.

But I only know the Dave McClure from Asia.

I just returned from attending the 500 Startups Kobe Japan Demo Day for a pre-accelerator program they were running there with the Kobe government. And while the demo day was a standard affair (which 500 have refined to a science where it was almost the shortest content segment of the day, amongst a talk by Rishi Narang of AngelList and 500’s legal counsel Neil Dugal on how KISS works) but the real star is Dave — not “Blow-up-Sumo-Outfit Dave” or the “Cat-in-the-Hat Dave” but the Dave I know best: Startup Evangelist Dave and what he calls the Silicon Valley State of Mind (herein known as SVSOM).

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[Event] Cyberport Speaker Series: Fundraising In Silicon Valley

Good news for HK Startups! Next month from 9-11th Oct, Cyberport is bringing a group of VCs to Hong Kong. Part of the event is a Cyberport Speaker Series themed as the “Fundraising in Silicon Valley“.

This conference presents the most influential VC partners, angel investors, startup incubators, TechCrunch’s CrunchBase and high profile startup founders from Silicon Valley. Speakers will share the practical experience, lean startup approach and insights on funding requirements from very seed to Series A & B and founder challenges with the Hong Kong audience.


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A Hong Kong View of the TechCrunch Disrupt 2013 Conference in San Francisco


I just came back from being totally Disrupted!

As part of my work with SoftLayer Catalyst I just spent 5 days at the biggest startup event in the world – the TechCrunch Disrupt conference from Sept 7-11 in San Francisco. A huge event that starts with a 2-day hackathon over the weekend and then culminates in a rapid-fire series of talks, interviews, panels at the conference with heavy pitching at the Startup Battlefield and most importantly the infamous Startup Alley.

Many HK startups ask me if it’s worth it to go to Disrupt at US$3000 a ticket; plus September is still peak season for flying; and the huge America’s Cup is on driving up hotel prices you are looking at anywhere from HK$40-50K for your 5 day trip there. What you get is a booth for ONE day and access to the conference for the rest. The place IS packed and you meet people from all over the tech industry: potential partners, investors and customers so the validation is great. But it is a gamble as you have to really throw everything into that one day.

I was happy to see one HK startup with deep pockets that got a booth – new startup FoodieQuest – a hot or not food app developed by the people behind Fluid and Nest. I spoke to Simon Squibb and Benjamin Hall and they both said they got some great feedback on the app and good face time with different types of people as well as a front page story on the day that Apple announced the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c!

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