Lean Startup Geek Smackdown In DC — TECH cocktail

Dave McClure and Eric Ries at the Lean Geek Smackdown in D.C.

Last night, I attended the DC Lean Startup Circle in Arlington, Virginia, hosted by Kevin Dewalt and Ken Yarmosh, featuring a couple of industry heavy weights, Dave McClure and Eric Ries, talking about everything “Lean Startup.” The group was in town for the Startup Visa Act which we covered previously. The duo spoke for a bit and then answered some questions from local entrepreneur about the lean startup mantra. I had always thought that lean startup = bootstrapping. I was way definitely mistaken.  Lean Startup encompasses some great principles that Eric, who writes a blog called Startup Lessons Learned, was able to really break “lean startup” down for the audience and give some real world examples to further solidify the principles.  In a nutshell, there are three principles that define lean startup:

  1. How to measure progress
  2. What’s the cycle time of having the idea and validating it
  3. Minimize cycle time

Good video of Eric Ries and Dave McClure at a meetup in DC discussing Lean Startup.