5 Questions with Kenneth Law, Co-Founder of FilmSkout.com


Are you struggling to find the perfect place to take for a photoshoot or film a movie?

Kenneth Law co-founder of FilmSkout.com, provides a convenient platform to share and get the good locations that you want.

Having been formed and actually winning last year’s Startup Weekend Hong Kong, Kenneth has continued his startup that grew out of his frustration to find decent locations for his film career and now looking to build a community of artists, photographers and filmmakers around the world.

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We set up a group in LinkedIn to share links, contacts and information to the growing Hong Kong start-up community – so if you want to connect and meet people and learn what people are doing please join now – we validate all requests to join to keep the group dynamic and spam-free.


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Tips for Using Social Media for Business

If you’ve been involved in the online marketing field over the last few years you’ve probably already familiarized yourself with your share of acronyms; SEO, PPC, CPA, CTR, ROI and not to mention the latest set of crazy additions straight from the social media scene RT, DM, ROV, (ReTweet, Direct Message, Return on Value). In fact, there have been so many acronyms associated with our industry that we’ve probably forgotten more than we currently remember.

This has a couple of useful hacks for FB and LinkedIn.