HKVCA Publishes 2014 Report on Hong Kong’s Venture Capital and Private Equity Space


Following the Hong Kong Venture Capital Forum on June 13th, the HKVCA has released data on how the venture capital and private equity space has changed in Hong Kong, especially after the recession.

Besides breaking down the local venture capital investment industry, the report also lists the most active VCs in Hong Kong by number of deals and also notes the re-emergence of home-grown venture firms. Red Chapel Advisors tops this list.

Our growing ecosystem directory StartBase.HK also got an honorary mention in the report as a grassroots, open source, startup profiling database that’s helped reduce search costs and improved the deal information flow.

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StartupsHK Teams-Up with Recruit.Net to Launch ‘Startup Jobs’ on Startbase.HK; A Job Board for Startups and Technology Companies in Hong Kong


On the startup side, finding the right people has been cited by Hong Kong founders as one of the biggest hiring challenges.

David Zhu, co-founder of Divide, says that although local talent is available, specialist roles in his NYC-headquartered startup might be tough to fill. “We try to hire talent that’s not local and certain specialized roles are hard to find in Hong Kong,” he said. “A big thing for us is culture –how we work is much more a Valley-style startup – so getting some of those attributes ingrained into the local team here is definitely a challenge.”

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Meet the 5 Newest Additions to Startbase.HK, Hong Kong’s Startup Directory


Startbase.HK, our daily-updated directory for Hong Kong’s ecosystem, which is a new and powerful resource for those looking to get connected to startups and people in Hong Kong – whether it’s that founder you want to chat with or that investor you want to pitch to or looking to make a local connection to startups in your industry.

We also feature VC firms, government-led initiatives and tech companies of all types, Startbase.HK has, since its 2013 launch, signed up 34 different categories of ‘companies’ and as of last month, has been integrated into CrunchBase’s directory which gives the highest international profile is assisting Hong Kong-based startups in visibility globally.

To illustrate the vibrant community that we’re building on this directory – here are 5 newly added profiles to

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