Startup Roundtable of IBM’s Cloud Event 2014: What Are The Pros and Cons of Starting a Company in Hong Kong?

We’ve spoken to investors and veteran entrepreneurs alike and advice for first-time founders is unanimous: when building your business, you need to think globally. Thanks to innovations such as the internet, social networking and the Cloud – it has never been easier to grow and stay connected with your customers and collaborators.

On Monday’s IBM Cloud Event 2014, leaders within the investment, hardware, gaming, web, mobile, social and co-work space community came together in a Roundtable discussion on the pros and cons of Hong Kong’s ecosystem. In an exciting nexus point for major startup scene players, the Roundtable was an opportunity for key IBM/SoftLayer execs to understand how they can help Hong Kong’s ecosystem.
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Startup College Posts All-in-One Hong Kong Startup Resource Page


Startup College has put together a great toolbox of information for Hong Kong Startups to use to find the best:

  • Government resources
  • Organisations
  • Incubators
  • Co-Work Spaces
  • Crowd-funding
  • Recruitment

and much more – head on over here to see the full list.