Hong Kong Startup Salaries: How Much Do Startups Pay Programmers and Designers?


[Updated September 1] While finding quality engineers in Hong Kong is a common complaint, the war for talent in established ecosystems like Silicon Valley is just as present. In fact, some tech companies like Facebook and Airbnb have been recruiting interns straight out of high school.

Earlier this year, the founder of a successful enterprise tech startup shared the ludicrous but true story of their efforts to lure a programmer from Google with US $500,000 annual salary as bait. Turns out, the engineer turned down the generous offer because he was already making $3 million in cash and restricted stock units (what are RSU’s?).

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“Hong Kong Business” Picks the 20 Hottest Startups of 2014


Any business magazine picking tech startups in Hong Kong to feature on the cover of their print magazine is OK by us! Hong Kong Business did this list last year and so here are their picks for 2014.

  1. Exicon
  2. Mobexo
  3. Sodacard
  4. Toshi
  5. Snaptee
  6. Cenique
  7. Glam-It!
  8. Spottly
  9. ZaoZao
  10. Life Project
  11. Luxify
  12. BSD Academy
  13. Foodiequest
  14. Dimcook
  15. SurroundApp
  16. Skylab
  17. Eight52
  18. CallTracking
  19. Taxiwise
  20. Shopline

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Learn How to Startup for Less than the Cost of an iPhone 5s at Retro Spot on 22 January


Here’s a message for newly joined entrepreneurs in this city: “You can startup for less than the cost of an iPhone 5s!” Yes, this is true and you will get to learn more exciting messages like this in the future.

For a brand new year, co-working space Retro Spot presents a mini series of WHY / WHAT / HOW of STARTUPS for new entrepreneurs. Apart from that, you will be hearing new interpretation of why Hong Kong is an excellent place to start up a company and what’s the best way to do it.

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