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The Pmarca Guide to Startups

  1. Part 1: Why not to do a startup
  2. Part 2: When the VCs say “no”
  3. Part 3: “But I don’t know any VCs!”
  4. Part 4: The only thing that matters
  5. Part 5: The Moby Dick theory of big companies
  6. Part 6: How much funding is too little? Too much?
  7. Part 7: Why a startup’s initial business plan doesn’t matter that much
  8. Part 8: Hiring, managing, promoting, and firing executives
  9. Part 9: How to hire a professional CEO


Bonus Startup Essentials

  1. The truth about venture capitalists, Part 1
  2. The truth about venture capitalists, Part 2
  3. The truth about venture capitalists, Part 3
  4. How to hire the best people you’ve ever worked with
  5. Serial entrepreneurs and today’s Silicon Valley
  6. The Psychology of Entrepreneurial Misjudgment, part 1: Biases 1-6
  7. Age and the entrepreneur, part 1: Some data
  8. Luck and the entrepreneur, part 1: The four kinds of luck


Additional Pmarca Guides

  1. Guide to Personal Productivity
  2. Guide to Career Planning, part 0: Introduction
  3. Guide to Career Planning, part 1: Opportunity
  4. Guide to Career Planning, part 2: Skills and education
  5. Guide to Career Planning, part 3: Where to go and why
  6. Guide to Big Companies, part 1: Turnaround!
  7. Guide to Big Companies, part 2: Retaining great people


Bonus Awesomeness

  1. Why there’s no such thing as Web 2.0
  2. Top 10 science fiction novelists of the ’00s — so far
  3. Why Ning?
  4. Book of the week: Best book for tech entrepreneurs this year
  5. The three kinds of platforms you meet on the Internet
  6. Music of the week: Three views of the blues, through jazz
  7. Eleven lessons learned about blogging, so far
  8. OK, you’re right, it IS a bubble
  9. Counterpoint: Ben Horowitz on micromanagement
  10. An hour and a half with Barack Obama


The Long Kiss Goodbye

Before he stopped posting, Marc tantalized readers with a “Coming Soon” list (reprinted below). I was particularly excited about the Guide to High-Tech Startups. Maybe someday. All we can do is hope.

  • Top 10 books for high-tech entrepreneurs

  • Top 10 ways to do personal outsourcing

  • Software — the velvet revolution and the multicore conundrum

  • How to trick out a Typepad blog in 2007

  • Killer Windows Media Center apps for 2007

  • The truth about reporters: a multi-part series

  • The Pmarca Guide to High-Tech Startups: a multi-part series

  • Why Internet advertising is about to get humongous

Some more reading material for you on a Saturday. Don’t get out of the house/office, just read articles all day.

Startup Exhibition echelon 2010: Asia’s Leading Web Technology Event Singapore

Ankoder singapore1

Ankoder is a cloud based video transcoding API enabling companies to easily integrate video functions into their existing web services. With its pay-per-use service, Ankoder enables web services providers to focus their time, resources and capital on developing their businesses, not on creating video encoding infrastructure. Ankoder provides all the ingredients required to get a video site up-and-running quickly, easily and successfully while ensuring that it will scale.

GrowVC united-states-of-america-usa1

Grow VC is bringing the first truly transparent, international, community-based approach to early stage funding. Grow VC can help mobile and web startup stars secure initial funding up to $1m USD. Grow VC also provides tools for the investment process and new transparent ways of doing things.

Muecs malaysia Muecs Co. Ltd. was founded in 2009, by two young entrepreneurs Benjamin Law and Billy Leung. The company are focusing in the areas of web applications and social media. Muecs is a location based service that incorporate social gaming elements. It allow users to share their location activities with friends in a gaming fashion. Muecs rewards people points and achievements by complete orienteering quests, or snap the moment in spots. Users may win an actual goods in the

TaskSee Hong Kong Email overload? Lost files? Long meetings? is a service that enables teams to work on tasks together with more visibility and less hassle. Easily and securely include customers or vendors in your workflow. Track and share versions for large files. Keep communication together with the work progress on a task, including notifying and receiving confirmation or comments via email. Reduce email to action items needing attention. See when a task or project is at risk, before it becomes overdue. See the status of a project at any time, not just during a weekly meeting. Includes both Chinese and English interfaces.

The list of companies demoing at echelon 2010 has just been posted. See the page for the full list. Shown are the ones from HK that are going.

Hong Kong Startup Association » March 16: ” The 3 P’s of Angel Financing for Entrepreneurs: Principles, Practice, & Pitch Preparation To Investors”

Announcement: HKSUA Event At HK Science Technology Parks – March 16: ” The 3 P’s of Angel Financing for Entrepreneurs: Principles, Practice, & Pitch Preparation To Investors”



The HKSUA is pleased to announce details of our forthcoming event at Hong Kong Science Technology Parks (HKSTP) on March 16th 2010.


Frederick Yung, Senior Manager of the HKSTP, will present on the topic of “The 3 P’s of Angel Financing for Entrepreneurs: Principles, Practice, & Pitch Preparation To Investors”. The HKSUA will also provide an update on developments and plan for 2010.


All those interested to learn about pitch preparation and understanding angel financing are encouraged to attend.


The event will be held at meeting room 3, G/F, InnoCentre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong starting at 6:30pm to 8pm on Tuesday 16 March 2010. Places are limited.


Please email [email protected] to register. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


Thank you and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.





This should be a good event for those Startup Monday members that are interested in developing their pitch. Sign up now, as space may be limited.