Looking Back to the Future on the Hong Kong Startup Scene


As a startup ecosystem champion and connector I get asked to do many interviews about startups in Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific (i’m in fact going to be talking about this at the East Meets West 2016 conference in Hawaii next week) I know I have been extremely lax on blogging about the ecosystem so when asked to do an interview I pick ones that will hopefully reach out to the audience intended and generate more awareness for the startup ecosystem.

I was interviewed recently by the Alibaba Morning Post South China Morning Post recently, only to find 1% of it made it into the story that had not much to do with what the story was pitched to me as. So I’ve decided to post the full email interview here in its entirety so you can read my thoughts.

No, nothing controversial just some thoughts that you might like to read in their entirety. Full of typos and all.

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The 14 Most Popular Hong Kong Startup Stories of 2014


It’s the last day of 2014 and there have been some amazing stories published on StartupsHK.com about the Hong Kong startup scene.

SO we decidied to sit down with Google Analytics and have a look at which stories were the most popular on the site from January 1, 2014 till today – here is what Google told us in terms of pageviews and not including social media shares or reprints on other sites.

While there are a few surprises to us in this list, it’s what we saw had the most activity in social media sharing – news on new co-workspaces and news on new funding. We’re happy to see that the most popular founder stories were our 5 Questions interviews with Raymond Yip of Shopline and Catherine Tan of Notey.

So pour a coffee and have a look back at 2014 before we step into a new year of excitement in the Hong Kong startup scene:

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Round-Up of Our Final Big Event of the Year ‘Startups of Future Past’ – Part of StartMeUp Week 2014

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How was your Startmeup Week 2014? Hong Kong’s ecosystem collectively pulled out all stops to showcase technology and entrepreneurship last week, as our city hosted a dizzying total of 48 events in just 5 days.

Our final big event of the year ‘Startups of Future Past’ last Wednesday was a huge success, with over 200 startup supporters in attendance to celebrate three very important birthdays. While our own Gene Soo turned 21 once more, StartupsHK and the Hong Kong startup scene turned 5 this year. ‘Future Past’ served as a look back to 2009 and a forward glance at 2019, and we also introduced six of 2014’s hottest startups.

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