Following StartWareHK’s First Meetup, Get To Know 3 Hong Kong Hardware Startups


Hong Kong’s new hardware startup meet-up StartWareHK met for the first time ever yesterday.

Hosted by active hardware startup founders Julian Lee of Ambi Climate, Jon Buford of Makible and Martin Kessler of Phonejoy, the get together was an opportunity for hardware veterans and neophytes to kick back, bond and share ideas.

Since Hong Kong is continuously praised as the ideal environment to build a hardware startup, this meet-up is only the start to a burgeoning community of like-minded builders and tinkerers. We wanted to celebrate this new development by introducing you to a few hardware startups you may, or may not heard of.

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Prelude to StartWareHK: Why Hardware Startups Matter to Hong Kong (Again)


PhoneJoy and StartWareHK co-founder Martin Kessler provides this final guest post that leads to tomorrow’s very first start-up hardware meet-up in Hong Kong.

This week, my team’s project Phonejoy is finally starting to ship product to eager Kickstarter backers. Finally— because we are way behind our schedule and because there had been plenty moments of doubt that we would ever make it this far. ☺

Phonejoy Team at Warehouse in Hong Kong: Alex, Martin, Jacques, Leon (from left to right)

We have learnt an extraordinary amount since we first started in early 2012 with the development of Phonejoy. Like every other startup we’ve had our fair share of breakthroughs and of course we’ve, too, committed a ton of mistakes along our journey.

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