3 Mobile Startups to Represent Hong Kong at MCAP 2016 in Honolulu


We’re very excited to have 3 fresh new mobile startups from Hong Kong at the Mobile Challenge Asia Pacific in Honolulu, Hawaii next week.

The Mobile Challenge Asia Pacific (MCAP) is a mobile startup competition that brings together entrepreneurs from 9 countries to meet and compete in order to qualify for 3 places at the GSMA Barcelona Conference World Finals in 2016. The challenge is organised by J-Seed Ventures and IE Business School in conjunction with GSMA and is sponsored in part by SoftLayer – an IBM Company.

Representing Hong Kong are:

  • SwapIt: Buy/Sell/Trade stuff in location-based smartphone app.
  • uSpace: Marauders Map for workspaces via smartphone.
  • Spincle: Create your own VR content, distribute everywhere via smartphone.

These new teams will be competing against 24 other startups from around Asia to be 3 of the finalists to be flown in to compete in Barcelona at GSMA! This is amazing viability for Hong Kong teams and we are happy to have 3 of our newest and most exciting startups out there to represent HK on a global stage.

The East Meets West 2016 conference will also be taking place next week in Honolulu and some local familiar faces like our own Casey Lau, Cyril Ebersweiler from HAX and our good friend Dave McClure of 500 Startups.

Congrats to the teams and good luck on stage!

Tales of Startup Inspiration: Keeping It Real, Keeping It Free


After explaining the idea behind swapit and why we launched it as an invite-only beta, I’d like to talk a bit about why we are keeping it free.

Back in March I was pitching swapit to the vetting committee of the British Chamber of Commerce’s Business Angel Programme. It was a great experience. While being only 2 months into our invite-only beta at that time, I didn’t have all the right answers to their Q&A and therefore, we didn’t make it past that vetting process. We will be back there though, definitely! Anyhow, their feedback was absolutely great and one in particular was very interesting.

“How do we make sure people use swapit instead of Facebook Groups, AsiaXpat or other forums online that are free?”

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Tales of Startup Inspiration: The Invite-Only Beta


In my previous post I explained why we created swapit and what is the idea behind swapit. At the moment, swapit is an invite only beta (request your invite here: http://swapit.la) and sometimes I am asked why we are running a beta. So I’d like to talk a little about the rationale behind that.

For many years, I am in the app business and except for some very few local apps; we launched hundreds of apps for the global market. These ranged from productivity, photography, multimedia, educational over to mostly productivity apps as well as some games. They had one thing in common: all of such apps were not targeted to a specific location. Therefore, we did not have a targeted Hong Kong-audience we could address at the point of launching swapit. [Read more…]