Introduction to Usability Testing for Startups on Sept 2


Have you asked the following kinds of questions?

  • My team is working on an app prototype, but we are not confident that the app would meet our customers’ needs or suit their behaviors. What can we do?
  • Many customers don’t stay long on our website.Why? Is it because people can’t find what they want? is it because we don’t have the right contents? There can be many possibilities. Without knowing why, how can we improve our website?

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Always Be Testing: 8 Services For Usability Feedback – ReadWriteStart

This is an excellent list of the various sites that are related to testing and feedback. Click thru for detailed summaries of each.

Usability Testing Tips – Be a Good Turk Boss – Mechanical Turk Tips

The Faces of Mechanical Turk


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Earlier I wrote about my impressions using Mechanical Turk to run the Feedback Army Usability Testing Service. Here I write about my favorite part, dealing with the workers and taking care of them.

What to Pay on Mechanical Turk

What you pay will affect the turn around time of responses and to some extent their quality. Some people won’t even bother if the pay is too low. I found people will review websites for $0.25-$0.30 but I changed the pay to $0.45-$0.50 and stuck with it.

This is a good summary to help get you started with using Mechanical Turk effectively for user testing your site or app. I’m interested in trying this out, has anyone here tried this?