Startup Hiring: Building an Edge

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Startups do not have many ways to build a strong competitive advantage in the early days. But startup hiring is one area where this is possible because the hiring process at most large companies is broken. If your startup can build a superior hiring process, this will be a strong competitive edge.

Don’t Outsource Hiring
Hiring top talent is a core skill that startups need to possess and core skills should not be outsourced. That means allocating enough time during the week for actual hiring. If hiring is a top priority, which is usually the case in every startup, then a minimum of 25% of at least one senior person’s time should be spent on hiring. This can include online research, content marketing and in person activities but there is no way to avoid having to invest significant time into hiring if you want to do it right.

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Startup Roundtable of IBM’s Cloud Event 2014: What Are The Pros and Cons of Starting a Company in Hong Kong?

We’ve spoken to investors and veteran entrepreneurs alike and advice for first-time founders is unanimous: when building your business, you need to think globally. Thanks to innovations such as the internet, social networking and the Cloud – it has never been easier to grow and stay connected with your customers and collaborators.

On Monday’s IBM Cloud Event 2014, leaders within the investment, hardware, gaming, web, mobile, social and co-work space community came together in a Roundtable discussion on the pros and cons of Hong Kong’s ecosystem. In an exciting nexus point for major startup scene players, the Roundtable was an opportunity for key IBM/SoftLayer execs to understand how they can help Hong Kong’s ecosystem.
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Angel Investor and Startup Mentor Tytus Michalski Shares His Passion For Supporting Hong Kong Entrepreneurs

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There are a number of active players that make up the backbone of Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem, offering up their time and money in support of new and existing entrepreneurs.

In a series of profiles where we interview these Hong Kong-based movers and shakers, we’re starting with Tytus Michalski – managing director of Fresco Capital Advisors, veteran entrepreneur, angel investor and startup mentor.

With roots in Canada, Tytus eventually made his way to Hong Kong in 2000 after working in London, Tokyo and Singapore. As one of the founding members of PMA Investment Advisors, which was acquired in 2006 for over US $200M, Tytus wanted to find ways to help other Hong Kong startups achieve similar success. 

“Once that kind of entrepreneurial experience gets in the blood, it’s hard to do anything else,” he said. “I came to the conclusion that the biggest impact I could have would be as an angel investor… a lot of my time is spent supporting the startup ecosystem in general because simply investing money is not enough.”

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