The 2nd Annual Postmortem Conference Showcases the Best Startup Failures, Pivots and Missed Opportunities

Failure is part of life, and we will always keep failing, but few things are worse than repeating the failures of others. Learn from their mistakes, take the path less walked, it might end up being the right one.

“Postmortem is a process, performed at the conclusion of a project to determine and analyze elements of the project that were successful or unsuccessful.”

Following last years success, Postmortem Conference is back! It will take place in Hong Kong (again), but this time at Hysan Place, Causeway Bay.

Postmortem Conference is where founders, investors, lawyers, mentors, etc share their stories of failures, pivots, co-founder fights, stress, missed investments, production problems, fund raising issues, and much more.

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Hong Kong Startups Come Together to Bring Relief Items to Nepal

How-to-help-nepal1source: @KellyPhotos

On April 25th, the worst earthquake in over 80 years struck Nepal, killing over 7,000 people. The death toll continues to rise. Hundreds of thousands of people have been left homeless. Aftershocks continue to rock the country, further damaging already weakened infrastructure and buildings. People need our help. is a project to raise critical relief items (tents, tarpaulins and water purifiers/ water purification tablets) for Nepal from the Hong Kong community. We’re working with many Hong Kong startups to bring the relief items quickly to the people in need. [Read more…]

Uber and AirBNB Share their Thoughts on the ‘Sharing Economy’ on 22 September in Hong Kong

collaborative consumption
Airbnb, an apartment-sharing platform, and Uber, a peer-to-peer payment ride service, are both startups-turned-global companies contributing to the ‘sharing economy.’ Otherwise known as ‘collaborative consumption,’ the sharing economy is essentially built around the core values of people sharing their resources with one another.

While Airbnb expanded into Asia back in 2011, Uber arrived a little later on the scene early this year and the two companies have been transforming the way we travel and the way we interact with one another since.

Moderated by legislative councilor (IT) and founding chairman of ISOC HK Charles Mok, the event will feature a dynamic panel that will include:

  • Mike Orgil, director of public policy for Airbnb
  • Henek Lo, managing director (Greater China) for Airbnb
  • Sam Gellman, head of asia expansion for Uber

A few questions that the panel will tackle: is Hong Kong an ideal environment for collaborative consumption, and if it is – what is the growth potential? What kinds of challenges (such as regulation) might a startup with a peer-sharing business model have in a place like Hong Kong?

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