Looking to Raise Money for your Startup? Join the StartupsHK Investor Introductions Network


As we build our network in Hong Kong and around the world we are looking to make meaningful introductions to startups at the point in their lives when they need to raise capital to build out their tech companies.

So we are now openly inviting founders to reach out to us for introductions – now, before everyone starts hitting the send button we are going to be very focused on what we are looking for:

  • Startups with traction. No “just an idea” phase companies.
  • We cover most of the popular verticals – we are out of our depth in some fields but we will keep you in the database.
  • This is not just for HK-based startups but any startup looking at Asia as a market.

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Learn To Navigate the Venture Landscape in Asia at the Hong Kong Venture Capital Forum on 13 June


Want to learn how to navigate the venture landscape in Asia?

The Hong Kong Venture Capital & Private Equity Association will be holding its first ever forum on June 13th to teach you how.

Veteran speakers include Tytus Michalski of Fresco Capital Advisors, Simon Squibb of Nest Ideas, Melissa Guzy of Arbor Ventures and Charles Ng of InvestHK.

Exploring topics on mobile internet, the local ecosystem and the future of venture capital for Hong Kong startups, these investment gurus will provide a blueprint on the past and present of the VC industry. See the full speaker list here.

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[Event] Cyberport Speaker Series: Fundraising In Silicon Valley

Good news for HK Startups! Next month from 9-11th Oct, Cyberport is bringing a group of VCs to Hong Kong. Part of the event is a Cyberport Speaker Series themed as the “Fundraising in Silicon Valley“.

This conference presents the most influential VC partners, angel investors, startup incubators, TechCrunch’s CrunchBase and high profile startup founders from Silicon Valley. Speakers will share the practical experience, lean startup approach and insights on funding requirements from very seed to Series A & B and founder challenges with the Hong Kong audience.


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