Rotten Tomatoes founder shares 17 years of startups in the Bay Area and China

Last Monday, Patrick Lee, co-founder of and, shared his experience with us at #SUMHK which takes place weekly at BootHK. It was an amazing presentation filled with words of wisdom from a seasoned entrepreneur. Thanks Patrick for the inspiring presentation. For those of you who missed it, @penguinsix has nicely posted the video he took on YouTube. Enjoy! – Startup Lessons Learned – Videos

Startup Lessons Learned’s videos

Customer Development Panel: “But Who Should Actually Get Out of the Building?”

Panelists: * Cindy Alvarez, Product Manager, KISSMetrics * David Binetti, Founder and CEO, Votizen * Brant Cooper, Principal, Market By Numbers * Matt Johnson, Grockit Moderator: Sean Ellis, Founder and Principal, 12in6


Customer Development Case Study: PBworks

David Weekly, Founder and Chairman, PBworks

Click on over to for coverage on all of the Startup Lessons Learned videos from the conference. I’ll be working my way through these, anyone in HK up for a discussion?