‘Cornerstone Connect’ Helps Startups with Integrated Back Office to Make Startup Life Easier


Our friends at Cornerstone are launching a suite of tools to help manage the back office of your startup called Cornerstone Connect. This will allow you more time to grow and build your startup and not worry so much about accounting, inventory control, web design, fulfilment and other back office management.

Founder Adrian Lai is kicking off this new product with his partners on September 14th at Garage Society – register here for a way to learn more about it and to get special launch discounts.

We sat down with Adrian to learn more about the product:

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Meet Cornerstone HK: A Cloud-Based Accounting Firm For Startups

1040535_10151757053253708_1222635301_o Cornerstone, an accounting and analytics company, advises startups in Hong Kong to keep their records straight.

They’re the the Hong Kong gold partners and advisors for ‘Xero‘ cloud-based accounting software that startups can access via mobile and on the web. Adrian Lai, managing director of Cornerstone said many startup founders in Hong Kong have a lot of passion but they are disorganized when it comes to administrative work. “They want to go pitch for Series A, they fundraise or to get some sort of external investment, and then it’s a mad rush to try to get some numbers together,” he said.

Lai thinks startups and SMEs need to be disciplined from the beginning: To get their administration and accounting sorted out. He sees too many clients waiting until the last minute to pull numbers together. “Not only are the financials important to external investor,” he said, “but savvy investors also want to find out about whether or not controlled processes of the organization within a startup actually is solid.”

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