The Newest Hong Kong Incubator: The Next Nest Monthly Pitch Day is November 24


The founder of Fluid – one of Hong Kong’s leading digital agencies – also runs the Nest incubator in Sheung Wan, is now opening the doors to new startups to come in and pitch and get a chance at HK$500,000 in seed funding with mentorship, office space and hands-on support!

We’ve met with founder Simon Squibb and like what he’s doing so we want to bring this exciting opportunity to your attention. All you have to do is apply at and they will call you in to do a 15-minute pitch; if they like it they will look at financing opportunities with a sliding scale of equity stake based on how far along your startup is and how much mentoring you need.

We know our friends at are at Nest right now so feel free to tweet to @referdotme or @beeto for more insight.

We will invite Simon out to a meet-up in December so you can hear more about what Nest has to offer.

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