WYND, A New Co-Working Space In Lan Kwai Fong!


Hi there, I am now writing this post in a spacious sunny room with good coffee and cute potted plants around. Outside the window I can oversee the heritage site of the old Central Police Station and famous art & design galleries downstairs. Next to me are two gentlemen, Michael and Rick, two of the co-founders of this brand new co-working space in Lan Kwai Fong – WYND.

Behind this space, there stands a diverse team with professional backgrounds from banking and finance, legal to architectural design  services. Today we are lucky to have a good chat with them about this cool place they’ve just built and their views on the idea of co-working.

Take a look here!


What brought you to this idea?

WYND: We are a group of friends who had moved back to Hong Kong from overseas, and we are witnessing the city’s economic structure transition from service-based to intellect and creativity based. New modes of operation and collaboration are devised on different platforms as digital, social, or virtual. After seeing all these novel changes, we thought it would be a great thing to gather the energy of the new class of creative entrepreneurs in the very center of this most liberal economy in Asia, and to nurture all sorts of exciting ideas and businesses here.

So, we’re here. Wynd is located on Wyndham Street in LKF and it also stands for Widen Your Network & Dimensions.

Who should come and how would you like to serve them?

WYND: We welcome all creative individuals who prefer a more flexible business environment over the traditional model. We would like to understand our members’ businesses and assist them with making connections and speeding growth. Our hosts are here to ensure all the members find Wynd the most user friendly workspace.

We can provide outsourced assistance from business registration to auditing at the members’ requests. To those who are new to HK we are happy to give them pointers to settle comfortably in the city.

This place looks different, what is the mindset behind the design?

WYND: Space is such a premium commodity in Hong Kong and often a deterrent to new ventures. At Wynd we would like to create a generous open space that fosters collaboration. We provide ample desk space and comfortable lighting for our members to conduct their daily business, conference rooms to hold private meetings, and XL size pigeon holes and locker space to store their gears. Our balconies are fantastic when anyone needs a breathe of fresh air from time to time.

We decorate the space with greenness and there will be artworks too in the future. A third of our space is an open lounge, where our members can grab a coffee from the pantry, have a casual conversation with each other, or enjoy a book. Our high counter can be used as a casual working space for those who are looking for something different. We also plan to host a variety of events, thus our tables can be easily stored, chairs can be rearranged, and the lounge can instantly transform into an open floor for receptions, pop-up shows, forums, and seminars.

You’re the first and the only co-working space in Central, how did you make the choice?

WYND: LKF is the best place to be! We’re in Central, the traditional business district, and yet, we are neighbour to the most hip and famous entertainment destinations in HK. It’s such a perfect place to get serious work done before going out in the evening to socialise and meet people. LKF is also very close to the headquarters to investors, angel funds or venture capital around Central, hence arranging investor meetings around would be convenient.

We also think that LKF conveys a kind of attitudes of being both youthful and creative, which could also make a good spirit for co-working. We believe the environment here will be inspirational and interesting to our customers.

What do you like most about Wynd?

WYND: The opportunity to network, definitely. It is easy to meet people, to exchange ideas, to inspire each other, to challenge each other, and to grow. We’ve just opened, and I (Rick) have already met some collaboration partners here. Being in a co-working space surrounded by other aspiring entrepreneurs and startups is motivating and can give you new insights on your own business.

What we like most about Wynd is our chill and relaxing working environment that you would never have experienced in other Central locations. Everything at Wynd offers a sense of openness and innovation which makes it easier to build trust and collaboration with our customers.

Wynd aims to create a harmonised co-working space culture in Hong Kong for the Asia Pacific Region, encourage startups, entrepreneurs, creative individuals, SMEs from around the word to build and grow their business  in Hong Kong. It’s new and is still on its way to cultivate a great co-working community here in LKF. Come by or check their site for the Opening Promotion Discounts.

With Wynd on board, now we’ve got in total 8 co-workspaces in Hong Kong. It seems that this community is growing and we need more rooms! Keep it up, HK.

Connect them or Visit at:

 43-55, Wyndham Street

Central District, Hong Kong



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