AcceleratorHK Cohort 2 Demo Day Launches 5 New Mobile Startups in Hong Kong


A big congratulations to AcceleratorHK for graduating its second cohort of mobile startups here in Hong Kong!

Here we take a look at the 5 startups who have just graduated from the AcceleratorHK program. This is the second cohort and they just had their demo day on this past T8 typhoon day in Hong Kong. It must have been a sign for their blowing our minds with awesomeness.

Held at The Good Lab in Cheung Sha Wan the attendees and startups were in high spirits – so let’s have a look:


VeryBite Tasting homemade food has never been easier

VeryBite tries to build the 1st healthy homemade food delivery online platform in Hong Kong, connecting office dwellers who need healthy lunchboxes and talented housewife chefs hidden in the city. Within the ordering processes of this platform, buyers and sellers don’t just pay and serve but  actually interact as friends before each deal. Just like how homemade food tastes, the experience they try to offer is quite comfortable and soothing. This team believes in a healthy lifestyle and collaborative consumption, and they have been working with some local women associations and startups now. If you are also bored of fast food lunch today, try to have a bite with them.

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SoFlyA companion sharing your passion for movies and TV shows

This one is for “professional” couch potatoes, with tablets. So first of all, it helps you track every TV show or movie you don’t want to miss and help you organize your collection. Then with a little social fun, you win badges by viewing check-ins and activities you have over the platform.  One cool thing  about SoFly is the real-time #live tags they offer when you are watching a show. For instance, you spot that Samantha is wearing another pair of gorgeous shoes on Sex and the City and you wonder what it is. With this app, a live tag with the answer #Jimmy Choo summer wedge will appear on your tablet right away. The  tags will cover information about the actors, places,background, or anything that is brought up in the show.  By tapping those tags users will be directed  to sites or platforms that help them discover more about what they’ve been watching.  With SoFly, you can buy that pair of shoes, or learn more about one historical event on Wikipedia. Join Beta here.


Dood!Transform Pictures into Gifts

Hey I know what you had for breakfast this morning. Why? Cuz you just took a picture and shared it on Facebook. People love taking pictures sooo much. Dood! is a social advertising platform turning consumer’s photos into advertising pictures in seconds. Whenever you are at a merchant’s store or an event venue, you can scan the QR code of dood!, click, and generate a unique advertising picture with branded frame and your smiling face. After sharing it on Facebook, you can redeem coupons or special offers from the  merchants and event organizers.  Taking pictures and having gifts at the same time? I know you can’t wait. The app is now available on GooglePlay and btw they’re looking for designers and background developers now.


Gyaan TelEmpower  retailers and markets with real-time data

Gyaan Tel is a Hindi word meaning pursuit of knowledge, and sure this startup is from India. According to the team, India is poised to become the world’s 3rd largest smart phone market, though 95% of the retailers in this country are still doing business in the traditional way. They use pen and paper to track the deals and record the details. They make decisions based on their handwritten market data. To help change that, Gyaan Tel seeks to serve a cloud based real-time data analytics for market retailers to replace Indian retailers’ pens with their app. The team has rich experience in finance and technology and they’re currently starting with a monthly subscription model.

captain panner

CaptainPlannerInnovative travelling platform that every traveler needs

CaptainPlanner is a Boston team who wants to help people finish trip planning effortlessly within 5 minutes. This platform streamlines the process of travelling plan by aggregating useful information and resources on attractions, restaurants, and events with reviews. By browsing the listings and recommendations, travelers can use this platform to generate  demo map-centric itineraries instantly.  Currently the startup has been partnering with some local airlines and hotels in HK, and their next stop is to help you explore the world.


We’ll be keeping an eye on these new startups to see how they do in the months to come! Congratulations to everyone involved.






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