Cab Ordering Service ‘Taxiwise’ Has Been Acquired By IKKY, a Likeminded Booking Platform

Taxiwise has been acquired by likeminded booking platform IKKY for an undisclosed sum.

As these two startups join forces, we can only expect our lives to be that much more efficient with this latest tech union.

While Taxiwise specifically focuses on helping expats and non-Cantonese speakers book cabs, IKKY lets its users book all daily activities and services such as dinner reservations, doctor’s appointments and yes – even taxi pick ups. Along with instant confirmation and social media sharing capabilities, the IKKY platform also lets you integrate booked activities into your calendar.

We had a chat with Taxiwise’s co-founder Jean-Marc Ly, and he shared preliminary acquisition details with us. “The deal came together over months and months of talk and seeing if both our company’s vision aligned,” he said. “As we are both booking platforms, the deal made sense business-wise and as well as the founder’s culture.”


Jean-Marc says that besides plans to build the most comprehensive and useful booking platform in Hong Kong, he hopes that his company’s exit will help motivate other startups. Read our ‘5 Questions with the Founder’ story on Jean-Marc.

Founded in the end of 2012, Taxiwise was a part of the very first AcceleratorHK cohort and has secured funding in the past from James Giancotti of BigColors, Felix Lam of Red Chapel Advisors and Stephen Forte – the founder of AcceleratorHK.

Jean-Marc Ly on Startbase.HK: Jean-Marc Ly

Taxiwise on Startbase.HK: Taxiwise

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  1. Well done Jean Marc. All the best.