Connect with Top Chinese E-Commerce Amazon FBA Sellers

WechatIMG15Curious what is happening in the Chinese e-commerce world, specifically with Amazon FBA?

Over the years, more and more Chinese factories and trading companies have been selling on Amazon, and have grown their skills and reach – and they want to connect with you! In the international e-commerce game many sellers and suppliers have been afraid of the growing number and volume of Chinese sellers and while there is reason for alarm – there are still a lot of chances for cooperation and win win opportunities.

The team here at Global From Asia along with a top Chinese e-commerce association- Popeye Incubation – have come together to create a one of a kind event – Cross Border Matchmaker – CBM.

No, we’re not talking about speed dating.

Well, yes, in the business side of it. This will be an event where we take top sellers from around the world and get them up on stage. Simultaneous translation so the Chinese sellers speak in their native tongue alongside hosts and foreign business owners.

Fear stems from the unknown, not knowing the perspective and angle of the other party. Here in Shenzhen, China on Friday October 27, 2017 we will bring these 2 sides together in a speaker session, booths, meals, and other activities to engage the Chinese and Overseas sellers.

Understanding the Cross-Border E-Commerce Ecosystem

There are 3 main parts to the cross-border e-commerce environment, let’s give you a brief overview of each:

* Sellers – these are the e-commerce sellers who list products on marketplaces (we’ll cover in a second), their own web shop, and any other means they can find to distribute goods. They know how to sell products, but normally need help on making the good, which leads to our next part of the pyramid.

* Suppliers – manufacturers. These are the product development specialists. They know how to make a product, but they need help selling the product (see sellers above).

* Marketplaces – think eBay, Walmart, Amazon, Jing Dong. These are the platforms where sellers list their goods and consumers pick them up. They work with sellers to get the goods listed and promoted. While we are talking about e-commerce today, this is also true with retail stores going inside of shopping malls, or street markets in a local city district.

There is a fourth worth mentioning – service providers. These are companies who help facilitate connecting and supporting these 3 parts of the pyramid. Big parts of the service provider world would be logistics companies, payments companies, and marketing agencies. They are paid normally by the seller to help with the supplier side and the marketplace side.

So there you have it, the overview of cross-border e-commerce – or e-commerce in general. At the upcoming Cross border Matchmaker we will have top performers in all 3 of those categories, as well as quality service providers you can rely on to take your growing e-commerce business to the next level.

We’d love to see you there – this first of its kind event has limited seats available, so check our English event webpage at and lock in your seat today!

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