Doing Cross-Border E-commerce? Go Both Ways and Check Out the Cross Border Summit

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Buying from Chinese factories and selling overseas? Or, even better – taking foreign products and selling into the Chinese market? Whichever way you’re going – the Cross Border Summit is the place you need to be. Learn from industry experts, network with other business owners, and have an overall great atmosphere of good food and good people.

This is the second annual Cross Border Summit, taking place on April 21-22, 2017 in Shenzhen, China. Over 20 speakers, 150 attendees, trade booths, this is a 2 full day event with 2 tracks:

Day 1, Friday April 21

Importing to China and selling into China

We will dive into the endeavor of importing your own goods to China, getting them in an e-commerce marketplace, and marketing them on the Chinese internet. Top industry experts from e-commerce marketplaces, Chinese social media, and more will be sharing their tips and experiences in both speaker, panel, and breakout session format. Morning speaker session, lunch together, and afternoon interacting with others in your industry and diving deep in break out sessions.

Day 2, Saturday, April 22

Exporting from China, B2C E-commerce

Predominantly Amazon FBA in today’s market, we will have speakers sharing about how to best manufacture your products in China, handle logistics – and of course get more sales on various export e-commerce marketplaces. Similar format to day 1, we will have morning speaker sessions, a top notch lunch together, and afternoon interactive breakout sessions to tap into the various expertise of the market.

This event is the result of countless networking our team has done in and out of China. It is for the high level business executive who values the importance of a quality network of people with quality speakers.

We welcome the Hong Kong startup community to head on over to the Cross Border Summit across the border in Shenzhen. This is an English language event, and will be a great chance to network with business owners from around the world, “going both ways” in and out of China.

Last Year’s Video Coverage

We had a vlogger (video blogger) last year – “From China with Love” do a fun video that gives some highlights here:

And here’s our coverage in Hong Kong TV

Cross Border Summit FAQ

What Language Is It in? This is an English only event. All speakers will be presenting in the English language (some UK, but mostly US English). We will have experienced Chinese business speakers as well, but they are required to present in English. Even though we are in China, we are targeting the international community.

Who Will be Speaking? We have a long list of experts speaking on “going both ways” – in and out of China. You can check the full list of speakers on

See You There!

Who will be attending? We welcome both Western and Chinese business executives. This is a paid, premium event, so only serious business owners and executives need apply. The venue can only fit 150 people, so get your space before time runs out!

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