The Hive’s Constant Tedder Announces Thailand Expansion and Talks About Co-Work Spaces in Hong Kong


The Hive has been busy expanding their co-work space empire. In the same month as their Kennedy Town expansion, The Hive opened up another location in Sai Kung – catering to the freelancer community.

After talking with founder Constant Tedder, we discovered that South East Asia is the latest on The Hive’s agenda – with Thailand as its first stop. “Bangkok should be opening on May the 20th, and my intention is to look into Singapore, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Taipei and possibly Shanghai,” reveals Constant. “We want to create a network of co-working spaces across Asia where our members will travel to.”

Besides bringing The Hive into South East Asia, Constant is still finding time to support the local startup scene. Planning to make the Kennedy Town location a startup-focused space, The Hive is offering a discount rate of 40% off for six months for early stage companies that are generating revenue but still need to cut corners on their finances.

Given his background, Constant’s opinion on the influx of co-working spaces in Hong Kong might be a sound one. What does he think of the twenty-three something existing and newly opened spaces in Hong Kong?

(The Hive Kennedy Town)

“There is definitely an over expansion at the moment and I’m not sure if every co-working space will survive. But I think that it’s a phenomenon and a fairly unstoppable force,” he said. “As the corporate world changes itself and people begin working independently because it suits the way they want to live, co-working spaces support a big part of that.” According to Constant, the shared space model is actually very effective. It not only provides the freedom to work as you please, but it also offers the sense of community – which is tough to match in any bigger work environment.

So if there’s a demand for it, why won’t some of these spaces make the cut? Constant says that two reasons why a co-work space will fall by the way side has to do with the wrong location or the wrong core structure.

Besides offering up value adds that fit the member’s needs, Constant says that the success of a co-work space is really in finding the right property. “Hong Kong landlords can be tough negotiators and securing a good space will always be the biggest challenge,” he said. “After you figure out how you’re going to differentiate yourself in the market place, find a good location that’s going to match the kind of customer you’re looking for.”

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