Hong Kong’s First Google Digicamp at ArtisTree


ArtisTree hosted Hong Kong’s first ever Google DigiCamp on Wednesday.

If you’re having trouble visualizing this, think 20,000 square feet of sensory overload: larger than life 3D brand logos (YouTube, Maps, Google+ etc.), mounted TV screens with real-time product demonstrations, projections of interactive games on the walls and of course, a giant domed Android head in the corner.

Basically, it was the amusement park equivalent for Google fans where attendees gave new and existing Google tools a whirl. In the Android corner, the delicious mascot KitKat stood next to fans eagerly waiting to design their own Androidify character for customized tote bags. At the interactive games wall, attendees got to simulate the Google Maps experience by using their body to navigate through the streets of Hong Kong, while others tried out the skydiving emulator; both were created exclusively for DigiCamp.

Exhibits for Art, Copy & Code (a 60 second film build out of code, personalized based on the viewer’s location, the weather and time of day) and 500 Chrome Experiments (showcase of web experiments written by the creative coding community) were also a couple notables.


Beyond the endless attractions and distractions, attendees also came to hear leaders from Google’s Asia Pacific region present. As one of the keynote speakers, the president of Google’s Greater China region Scott Beaumont said that he’s been asked many times ‘why China?’ to which he responded with a resounding ‘why not?’ Scott said passionately: “the culture and the entrepreneurship is incredible, and the pace of change is amazing. I’ve been to Hong Kong several times, and the energy here is completely intoxicating.”

Along with sharing his zest for China and Hong Kong, Scott also says that despite our tendency to underestimate tech innovation, we need to try to break through those barriers and reimagine what might be possible. Of course, Google aims to help with stretching the limits of our imagination and DigiCamp, along with Scott’s keynote, truly drove that point home. “That’s our aspiration: to enable all of you to make the most of the web,” said Scott. “It is truly an exciting time to be doing what we’re all doing.”


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