How General Assembly’s Allison Baum is Developing Startup Talent in Hong Kong


General Assembly, with the wide variety of classes it offers, has condensed the educational gap between those that know-how and those that don’t. Technology influences our everyday life tremendously, so it comes as no surprise that more people are looking to learn its language.

GA not only offers an educational environment but also builds a community where people can share their skills with those that need them. We connected with Allison Baum, Director of General Assembly HK, to get a peek inside what GA has in store for the rest of 2013.


Many entrepreneurs are filled with exciting ideas but more often than not, need other people with specific skill sets to make them become a reality.  That’s why Baum is bringing General Assembly’s full-time program called Web Development Immersive to Hong Kong this fall.  Popular in other tech and startup hubs like New York and San Francisco, the twelve-week boot camp teaches participants both front-end and back-end web development skills.

With an application deadline in mid-August, September 30th will be the debut of this hands-on program in Asia, allowing entrepreneurs in Hong Kong to stop looking for technical co-founders and start building their projects themselves. Each week focuses on different types of coding and is taught by skilled professionals in their field. A potential placement in a paid job afterwards can be an enticing benefit for those looking into alternative careers.

Allison mentioned the difficulty of learning how to code through online forums and do-it-yourself videos, as well as the lack of learning resources in most entrepreneurial communities. WDI will help to change that by creating a strong community where there is constant feedback, inspiration, and encouragement. “GA is all about empowering individuals to transform from being thinkers into creators.”

Alongside WDI, Baum talked about developing a future class geared toward educating wealthy individuals and companies on the investment process.  Providing potential investors with the tools they need to properly find and evaluate investments will help concentrate the abundant amounts of money in HK into the entrepreneurial sector, increasing Hong Kong’s reputation as a rising tech center.

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