Introducing Our Kickstarter Speakers for the Upcoming Startup Saturday Crowdfunding Hong Kong 2014

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Did you know there are a lot of super-successful Kickstarter campaigns that originated from Hong Kong?

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter is a speedy way to harness the power of the crowd. By rallying the web troops to raise money for projects, crowdfunding is revolutionary because it brings a product to market quickly while giving consumers a sense of ownership. Ever since Kickstarter launched in 2009, anyone with an idea could create a campaign – and in just a month’s time, raise enough funds to breathe life into a dream product.

In our upcoming Startup Saturday Crowdfunding Hong Kong 2014 on January 25th, our first panel of speakers is made up of four entrepreneurs that have successfully funded their project via Kickstarter. In anticipation for the event, you should get to know Martin Kesseler of Phonejoy, Daniel Cowen of 3Doodler, Kevin Leung of Muku Labs Shuttr and Chris Place of Native Union.

Martin KesslerPhonejoy
Martin Kessler, one of our speakers on the Kickstarter panel, wanted to give smartphone users the best gaming experience possible while emulating the console experience. Armed with an idea, Phonejoy took their Bluetooth controller (the Phonejoy Play) to Kickstarter and surpassed their intended goal of $50,000 by raising almost $70,000 within 28 days of their campaign. The Hong Kong startup even got to show off their product at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and have now grown the Phonejoy team to nine people across the globe.


Kevin Leung, Muku Labs Shuttr
Hong Kong entrepreneur Kevin Leung is one of our speakers on the Kickstarter panel, having fully funded his product Muku Shuttr within just one week of the campaign. A slim and remote shutter release for iPad, iPhone and select Android devices, Muku Shuttr is the perfect accessory to camera-happy smartphone users. Thanks to global media attention and a dynamic campaign, Muku Shuttr was able to raise $94,943, surpassing their initial goal of $10,000 with 2,567 backers offering their support.

Daniel Cowen
, 3Doodler
Daniel Cowen is another speaker on our Kickstarter panel that knows how to set up a winning campaign. Having also co-founded two award-winning software startups, Daniel also helped create 3Doodler, the world’s first and only 3D printing pen. Just in case you didn’t see this campaign, 3Doodler is plugged into a power socket and draws in the air or on surfaces like a 3D printing glue gun. Thanks to Kickstarter, 3Doodler was able to pool over $2.3 million dollars from 26,450 backers – and have shipped out their product to the world in fall 2013.

ChrisChris Place
, Native Union
Last but not least, Chris Place of Native Union is another speaker on our Kickstarter panel. A seasoned hardware startup trying to improve the smartphone user’s life, Native Union has made products such as the POP Bluetooth – which is essentially a wireless retro phone receiver for your smartphone. In their latest Kickstarter campaign that has already surpassed its initial goal of $40,000 many times over, JUMP (a novel charging solution) has already raised $145,505 with 29 days to go in the campaign – with over 3,100 backers rallying in support.  

Register now to see these guys speak on January 25 at The Landmark:
Startup Saturday Crowdfunding Hong Kong 2014

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