Introducing SAP’s $400 Million Startup Development Accelerator for Hong Kong Startups


In celebration of SAP‘s 40th year, they’ve launched the new SAP Start-Up Focus Program to help inspire and energize startups, and the startup fund had increased to over $400m.

We sat down with Simon Dale to find out what is SAP doing for startups in Hong Kong:

What do you do at SAP?
I am the executive sponsor for the startup program for SAP in Asia, where we provide free access to, and support for, startups who may find our in-memory database and analytics technologies useful. In addition I help SAP Ventures find opportunities in the region.

SAP is investing in startups?
Yes, we invest in two ways. The Startup Focus Program runs a Development Accelerator, which provides free access to SAP HANA, free training and support for porting/development. Also, SAP Ventures has a US$400m HANA Startup Fund, which has made three investments so far.

What is SAP doing for startups in Hong Kong?
Both of the above programs are global in nature and available to anyone.    Startups can apply at any time and join the virtual trainings we run regularly.   They can also benefit from SAP’s relationships with our customers – 73% of the worlds business transactions pass through a SAP ERP application.

How can the new fund be accessed by HK startups?
Prerequisites etc. They need to be part of the HANA startup program, and SAP Ventures is like any other VC in terms of screening opportunities.

Qualify of the startup Program?
It must have a product that can be tested on SAP HANA, and get value from it, e.g. the startup needs to have challenges or see opportunities in Big Data, Real-time data and/or complex algorithms. Also, the startup has to be less than $40m in revenue.

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