Hong Kong’s 4 Fintech Unicorns: Download the Newest Whitepaper on Hong Kong’s FinTech Ecosystem Now!


WHub’s FinTech Whitepaper presents the key findings and facts as well as a comprehensive analysis of the contributing factors in the ecosystem that have solidified Hong Kong’s position as a leading global Financial Hub and its evolution into a competitive FinTech Hub.

Such contributing factors include the strength of its financial sectors, a strong talent pool, Hong Kong’s position as a gateway to regional and Mainland China markets, the regulatory framework, as well as many other variables. Hong Kong has seen extensive activity in its startup ecosystem with an estimated 3,000+ startups.

Specifically, the city now boasts the evolution of 4 homegrown FinTech Unicorns:

  1. AirWallex (raised US$202 million)
  2. BITmex (trading history of over US$34 billion worth of Bitcoin since its launch)
  3. The TNG FinTech Group (raised US$115 million in Series A, the largest series A investment for a FinTech company)
  4. WeLab (raised US$425 million).

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Hong Kong’s 2019 Budget Allocates Big Budget to Startups


Thanks Paul Chan! For the first time since we started StartupsHK, the Hong Kong government is really coming up with the cash to support our ecosystem.

Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan delivered his third Budget Speech yesterday with a raft of new monetary sweeteners aimed at promoting the city’s innovation and technology development. We refuse to call it “I.T.” – lets just call it “tech!”

$5.5 billion for the development of Cyberport 5 to accommodate more technology companies and startups. The expansion project is expected to provide about 66,000 sqm of floor area, and include facilities such as offices, co-working space, conference venues and data service platforms.

The budget raises the maximum annual funding under the Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities from the existing HK$4 million to HK$8 million—for each university—starting from 2019-20 to better nurture university start-ups.

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Startup Launchpad Spring Event Focuses on Blockchain for Supply Chain and Startup Founder Education


Startup Launchpad is back and this time we sat down with Minesh Pore the Head of Startup Launchpad to give us the tour of this April’s event at Asia World Expo.

Mishesh, tell us about yourself?
Thanks StartupsHK! I’m a highly regarded global trade expert with over 18 years’ experience leading multinational organizations in corporate transformation, Intra-prenuership, Innovation, International business development, and strategic planning. I would say I am a well-connected and respected globally for my experience, network and knowledge of the Greater Bay area startup ecosystem, mentoring startup founders, helping startups scale up and expand international.

What is Startup Launchpad?
Startup Launchpad is hosted in HK every April and October, the show focusses on helping Hardware and Retail Solutions startups scale up by meeting buyers / retailers / wholesalers from over 140 counties. We will also be hosting a 1 day conference, the focus is on Blockchain as a Transparency took for Supply Chain. We will have 2 day workshops, focus of which is to educate startup founders on every step from Initiating a business plan to working with distributors globally. We will also have pitches from the top 10 Startups that will be pitching for over 500,000 HKD in prizes.

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